Sunday, March 9, 2014

2014 Sequoia Awards

The Sequoia Awards recognize local senior high school youth, who have significantly contributed to their community above and beyond their educational requirements. 

Project READ proudly recognizes our amazing teen tutors who were recognized for their community service at the 2014 Sequoia Awards.

Paul Chavez: (FLIC Teen Tutor )Paul is a leader in his community. Paul moved to Redwood City ten years ago from Peru and has been deeply involved in many community and school organizations and clubs, including tutoring young learners in Project READ.

Lizette Cuevas (KIP Teen Tutor) Lizette values both education and volunteerism and combines these passions while helping young Fair Oaks students improve their literacy skills. Lizette is a teen tutor in our Fair Oaks tutoring program (KIP), where she is paired with a third grade learner.

Chelsea Lollar (FLIC Teen Tutor) Chelsea has been both a learner and tutor at Project READ. As a teen tutor, Chelsea works with K-5th graders to improve their reading, writing and critical thinking skills. She has volunteered in both our after school program and our summer programs, inspiring our youngest learners.

Audrey Poltrorak (FLIC Teen Tutor) While involved in many varied community service organizations, including collaborative partner Young Dreamers, Audrey has been a teen tutor in our drop-in program since her freshman year. She has dedicated countless hours to helping young students improve in their reading, writing and homework skills.

Kayte Toscano (FLIC Teen Tutor) Kayte and her family have been a part of Project READ since she was in elementary school. Kayte began with Project READ as a learner, and as her reading excelled, so did her commitment to Project READ. Kayte has been both a pre-teen and teen tutor at Project READ, dedicating countless hours of tutoring to our youngest learners both in our drop-in program and summer programs.

Viridiana Caracheo (FLIC Teen Tutor) Viri and her family have been a part of Project READ since she was a young girl. Viri first started with us as a learner, but quickly gave back by tutoring in our drop-in and summer programs. Additionally, Viri volunteered over 80 hours at Project READ through a program at her school, Summit Preparatory High School.

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