Friday, August 2, 2013

Project READ Teen Poetry Slam

This month five Project READ teens took to the stage in our first Poetry Slam/Open Mic event. Teens who were teen tutors in our Summer FLIC Summer Program worked together for several weeks creating and work shopping original poetry. Students worked with staff, volunteers, and a member of Youth Speaks, a youth organization based in the Bay Area.

Five of our teens read poetry at the slam that was held in the Community Room of the downtown Redwood City Library. Over 30 people were in attendance to support our teens. Congratulations to all of our poets!

‘The Planter’
Kyrie Perez Alvarez

‘Willow Tree’
Joy Velasco

‘Pursuit of Happiness’
Silvana Valle

‘Day 1’
Lindsey Bogott


Komal Kumar - read by Cesia Barrera

Friday, March 29, 2013

Project READ Teen Awarded Sequoia Award

This month one of our teen tutors was awarded the Sequoia Award for his outstanding community service and work with Project READ. William Dahu has volunteered at Project READ in the FLIC program for the past four years, committing many hours of time to tutoring and mentoring our youngest learners, as well as being a peer tutor to our teens. The Project READ staff was honored to be invited to the Sequoia Awards to support William for his commitment to literacy. William is a dedicated and thoughtful young person who adds to the Project READ community. Congratulations William!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Haikus by PR Writing Group

Our young Writing Group has been working on many genres of writing over the past few months. This month we are highlighting some of our tweens haikus.

Brianna & Sabrina's Haiku

Hardwork Inspires
Goals, success and fulfillment
Ends in Happiness

Kimberly & Kelly's Haiku

Our Friendship is strong
It will never break apart
Always Together

Monday, February 4, 2013

Project READ Writing Group


FLIC’s newest pilot program for 2013 is our first writing group. Since the reading/writing connection is integral in improving literacy and writing skills, we decided to offer a program to our youth that embraces writing. The group is made of preteen learners, most of whom are also preteen tutors, allowing the students to bring their improved writing skills into their own tutoring. In their weekly meetings, the students work on both individual and collaborative writing projects that have already spanned from short fiction stories to poetry. The group’s goal is to contribute to our Project READ blog as “youth correspondents.” To prepare for this role, the writing group has already begun practicing the art of interviewing. The writing group meets weekly for over an hour, focusing on a new genre or style of writing each session.
Additionally, the learners are encouraged to bring in their own writing assignments from school to peer review. Within FLIC, an entire bulletin board has been dedicated to their work, and each session they add to it with finished products. In addition to writing, proofreading and improving their literacy skills, the tweens have also started presenting their works to FLIC families, learners and tutors, honing their public speaking and presentation skills. Within the very first session, it was obvious that these students’ confidences in themselves have already grown and the friendship between these leaners blossomed into true camaraderie. The community tutor who facilitates this writing group was impressed with the sense of community the students formed, as well as the positive affect peer-review and group work has on these teens. erowHer
Her own youth learner is part of this writing group and often struggles with prioritizing homework and studying. Now that she is around peers who not only encourage, but also support her to tackle even the most daunting subjects, she has a renewed sense of determination to complete her tasks in order to get to more writing and time with her friends as FLIC. It is amazing to see what a positive effect youth have on each other. Project READ’s writing group’s curriculum is created by staff and led by a trained Project READ tutor.