Friday, August 2, 2013

Project READ Teen Poetry Slam

This month five Project READ teens took to the stage in our first Poetry Slam/Open Mic event. Teens who were teen tutors in our Summer FLIC Summer Program worked together for several weeks creating and work shopping original poetry. Students worked with staff, volunteers, and a member of Youth Speaks, a youth organization based in the Bay Area.

Five of our teens read poetry at the slam that was held in the Community Room of the downtown Redwood City Library. Over 30 people were in attendance to support our teens. Congratulations to all of our poets!

‘The Planter’
Kyrie Perez Alvarez

‘Willow Tree’
Joy Velasco

‘Pursuit of Happiness’
Silvana Valle

‘Day 1’
Lindsey Bogott


Komal Kumar - read by Cesia Barrera