Friday, February 3, 2012

Emily & Noel-- FIP Pair

What eight-year-old Emily likes best about school is seeing her friends. She also sees her friends while attending tutoring sessions at Project READ. Noel, her tutor, has been helping Emily with reading and homework for six months and meeting three times a week. “Emily likes to read, but needs help with math, especially her times tables” says Noel. You can tell by Emily’s lovely wide smile that she likes working with Noel; she thinks “he’s funny” and he makes her laugh. Emily not only likes Project READ, she enjoys Project READ’s monthly Story Hour and the magicians and other performers that come to the library each month.
Noel was a volunteer tutor in Great Britain before coming to the United States. A friend from the county of San Mateo and fellow volunteer introduced Noel to Project READ. With some spare time on his hands, he became a tutor over four years ago.
When Noel finishes working with his learner, he’s stays to help out other learners in the FLIC drop-in program. Noel’s enthusiasm for the program is evident when he explains that “Project READ offers a safe environment. It gets the kids out of the house and away from T.V. and gives them a better outlook which carries throughout their high school education and beyond.  Project READ is a good program.” He truly believes he’s making a difference.

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